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Posted on 05-19-2017

Cost Of An Eye Exam Without Insurance in Jacksonville

When you do not have vision insurance, you may have concerns about getting an eye exam. The problem is that your eyes may change over time and regular exams ensure that you catch potential concerns at an early stage. While you do not want to ignore the health of your eyes, you also want to stay within your budget when seeking an exam from an eye doctor.

affordable eye exam

National Costs for an Eye Exam

The national average for an eye exam without insurance and an exam with an insurance policy differ significantly. When you have insurance, a portion of the costs are covered by your policy and you only pay a stated co-pay rate. When you do not have insurance, you pay the full cost of the exam. As a result, you must be aware of the national average to ensure that the prices and rates are fair.

For individuals without insurance, the average cost of an eye exam depends on the type of test and your previous history with the optometrist. Generally, you pay slightly more on your first visit when compared to future visits.

During the first eye exam, you can expect to pay a national average of $250 per person. If you are returning to the clinic, then the average for an exam is around $130 because the doctor has some information from the previous exam.

A refractive vision test is less expensive at a national average of $46 per person. In some areas, the average cost of an exam may be slightly lower and range from $50 to $114 per person; however, the actual cost depends on when you last obtained an eye exam and your previous experience in a specific clinic.

Individuals with an insurance policy have different costs based on their coverage. The national average is usually less costly because you only pay the stated co-pay in your policy, which may vary between insurance providers.

Affordable Exams in Jacksonville

While the national average gives you an idea of fair pricing for an eye exam in Jacksonville, we offer specials and low-cost rates that make your exam affordable for the entire family. We recognize that you may not have a budget that allows you to obtain an expensive exam for your eyes. That is why we offer affordable solutions to help with your goals.

Our specials allow you to obtain an eye exam for $39 with the purchase of a pair of glasses. We also offer a special with two pairs of glasses and an eye exam for $99 when you need to replace a previous prescription and correct your vision. Since we offer low-cost options and special rates, you can find affordable solutions for the entire family when you do not have insurance or are unsure about the coverage available from your insurance provider.

Why Work with an Optometrist in Our Clinic

An optometrist at Val-Uvision provides the services you expect from experienced professionals. Since we have more than 40 years of experience in optometry, we have the skills and tools to ensure that your exam meets your needs. We are also locally-owned and operated, which gives our optometrists the freedom to focus on your specific needs when you seek treatment. We do not answer to any corporations or big businesses.

We focus on creating a respectful and quality atmosphere that recognizes each patient as an individual. By taking a respectful approach, we ensure that you have the quality of care you expect when seeking treatment for your eyes or obtaining an exam to check on your vision. 

Our team has the skills to work with all age groups. We recognize that children and adults have different visual needs and we strive to provide the level of service your family needs to maintain their vision and the health of their eyes.

We offer flexible payment options and have a wide variety of different brands and frames. We also offer contact lenses, including specialty lenses, that make it easy to find the right corrective options for your eyes.

Obtain an Appointment with Our Eye Doctor Today!

When you want to get an affordable eye exam, you need an appointment with an experienced eye doctor. At Val-Uvision, we allow you to book an appointment online through our website or over the phone for your convenience.

Keeping up with your visual health starts with regular exams and check-ups. At our clinics, we provide the services you need at affordable rates. For more details about our special pricing options for an eye exam or to set up an appointment with an optometrist in Jacksonville, call 904-701-0223 today.

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