Horned-Rimmed Glasses Making a Comeback

Remember that old pair of glasses your mom or your grandparents used to wear? They looked like cat eyes and you might of thought they were so nerdy. Well those horn-rimmed glasses are making a comeback. These old-school glasses have been around for quite some time, more than a century actually. These glasses became really popular in the 1940s. Superstars like Harold Lloyd and Buddy Holly brought these unique frames to the public eye and they style blew up. A famous duo that shot these frames to the top was the Blues Brothers. How could you forget those sunglasses? Everyone wanted to be “cool” like those two.

The name “horn-rimmed” glasses came from what the frames were made from horn and tortoise shell. Back in the days of Buddy Holly, these frames would have cost a fortune and having a pair proved wealth and social status. When the 1980s came around (along with Top Gun), horn-rimmed glasses disappeared and aviators became the new fashion statement to make with sunglasses. While horn-rimmed glasses were still somewhat in style for eyeglasses, they were not as big as they used to be.

When we come up to the early 90s, horn-rimmed frames started to come back around. Alternative culture fashion picked up on these frames. Punk, indie, emo, hipster and goth really brought these glasses back up to the surface and because these horn-rimmed frames looked “nerdy”, they were often worn by characters on shows and movies to amp up that “nerd” appeal.

What is great is that now-a-days, you can find these glasses on anyone and everyone. From Johnny Depp on the red carpet, to your neighbor down the street. When these glasses began being made in America, they became more affordable for everyone because they were being made out of plastic and special dye, which gave them that authentic look. Regardless of what they are made out of, these glasses are still fun and classy and are meant for just about everyone to wear. You can wear these glasses with your suit and tie, workout clothes, dresses or jeans and a t-shirt. Horn-rimmed glasses add a fresh look to anyone’s attire so don’t be scared of them, embrace them and know that you are not wearing just a trend, you are wearing a classic style.

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